Hearing my kids laugh.

– Amanda S.

My self growth in the face of internal adversity.

– Andrew B.

Making an impact on my students lives.

– Stephanie S.

Anywhere with family, friends and good food.

– Josh S.

My generosity and ability to giveback to those who deserve more.

– Peggy R.

Have fun, enjoy the moments, and never lose who you are.

– Derek R.

Losing my job and realizing how many people truly care about and are willing to support me in tough times.

– Eric W.

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– About Us –

PEAR is dedicated to the pursuit of positive connections and open communication. Our goal is to play a part in the pursuit of happiness by providing a safe, fun, and natural platform where people can come together and grow.

We want to help build personal connections. We want positivity to be more common. We want people to feel comfortable while expressing themselves. We want moments of vulnerability to be less intimidating. We want to encourage the pursuit of happiness.

PEAR Cards are a great way to get people talking, while honestly sharing a piece of themselves so that they can truly engage with one another.

– Mental Health America

PEAR Cards create an opportunity for a caring conversation by being present, taking a moment, and listening, not just to others, but to yourself.

– American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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PEAR is proud to donate 10% of our PEAR Cards profits to selected mental health organizations and join the effort to encourage mental health and promote positive psychology.

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Contact us with questions about PEAR Cards or for bulk/discounted pricing for schools or companies in the mental health field.

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